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Women With Wings Coaching Services

Life Coaching

Are you lacking motivation and focus?

Are the regular day to day activities hard?

Make A Change

Are you fed-up of feeling over whelmed and keep putting things off?

Stuck in the same roles?

Career Coaching

At Women With Wings we empower women to seek fulfilling and rewarding careers
Executive Coaching
& Mentoring
At Women With Wings Coaching, we recognize your difficulties as well as strengths.

Our Executive Coaching and Mentoring team have considerable high-level Senior Executive experience themselves.

With their combined experience and knowledge they will lead you to success.
Self Esteem
& Confidence
Are you conscious that your lack of self-belief, insecurities or worries or failure are holding you back?

Our Team understand - using our proven methods of coaching, you can leave your limiting self believes behind and create the life you deserve.

Why not speak to our team today - if you have the will we have the way!
Confident Leadership Programme
Being a woman in business isn't always easy.

Our team of coaches have combined years of experience and proven results to create the perfect leadership programme for you.

looking at all aspects from mindset, skills, ability and resilience we will elevate your confidence and your career.
For Individuals:
One to One
Individual Coaching

In order to maximise your capabilities and also development, our executive career training works individually with each client.

We develop your self-esteem and aid you to discover your true potential. We help your business to develop, create real change and produce genuine worth for you.

Our training is tailored to meet your current situation, whether you are a knowledgeable leader or at a cross roads for change.

The individual and professional woman, not simply the working woman, can take advantage of our efficiency and strength mentoring for high-pressure roles.

Find Your
New Direction

According to a survey carried out by CV Library, 76% of British professionals would begin a new profession if provided the opportunity (Nov 2017).

If you’re considering doing something totally new, like returning to college, beginning a portfolio career, or starting your own company, our team will assist you to move from a state of complication and option overload to clarity and action.

Recognize who you are, what you want from life and be happier and satisfied in life.

Identify what will work best for you by checking out a range of choices and also seeing which ones align best for you and your goals.
Leadership & Career Development

We assist women to reach their ultimate potential by helping them align their goals with that of their business’s.

Fast-tracking your ability and skill set are the objectives of our programmes that integrate private coaching, group coaching, online coaching, in addition to management sessions.

In our coaching, we supply a safe setting for you to uncover blocks holding you back and you will discover your true potential.

We help clients to discover their objective, gain influence, and also develop their leadership style. Development and innovation are both impacted by this, leading to a genuine return on investment.

For Employers:
Exclusion Is The Key To Progression & Profitability

We must start by concentrating on women in your business.

Since our objective (and hopefully yours) is to create a more inclusive work environments where everybody, including those that are under represented, have the opportunity to advance.

There is a solid connection between increasing the variety of women in management placements and promoting greater variety, productivity & profitability.

Are You Ready To Support Women And See Change?

Productivity is 6 times higher in businesses where women and men have equality.

Every one of our efforts are tailored toward total health and wellness, along with long-term success. 

Work-life combination is a crucial part of our strategy since it enables us to create long-term routines.

This aids individuals to deal with stress, remain healthy and balanced, and as a result yield long term foundations for success. 

Become An Ally For Change & Advancement

An ally is not an individual.

It’s about growing a culture of support as well as inspiration for others, as well as acting consciously as well as diligently to produce systemic adjustment in the office.

This aids to produce a productive & profitable work environment that promotes a sense of belonging and advantages everyone. 

Women With Wings work with clients to empower them to promote inclusivity and identify rising talent to