Supplying job aid and training to people as well as groups varying from school-age child to their adult years is something that Turning Factor Consulting is skilled in. As a result, we are able to offer your trainees with a complete occupation training service customized to their particular needs. Collaborating with trainees in high school, tertiary, and also specialist setups, we offer personalised programmes to fulfill the needs of your school’s confidence, social history, and also student population analysis.


To maximise learning and also urge great prep work for your pupils’ shift right into the next phase of their lives, we blend components of well-being, management, and social skills advancement. Via our partnership with independent, faith-based, and public school systems, we acknowledge that every school and also its guests deserve a programme that will help them in developing abilities, obtaining brand-new understanding, as well as having the chance to ask inquiries via application as well as planning.

The adhering to are some instances of constant programmes offered as university prep work, change programs, and also career days for senior high school trainees in qualities 9 to 12 along with tertiary students.


Primary school youngsters signed up in Women With Wings Coaching Folkestone special education programmes are encouraged to study separately, to be self-aware and also to be durable. Transforming Factor Consulting provides a selection of finding out approaches to meet various discovering designs, consisting of:

  • Assessments customized to your needs
  • Workshops that are interactive
  • Discussions in groups


High school trainees have high expectations of knowing as well as being planned for a specialist path in the 21st century. Women With Wings Coaching Folkestone Cutting-edge instructional programs for students acknowledge and also satisfy these expectations. Throughout this duration, pupils often ask the following questions:

  • What requirements should I utilize while selecting topics for my future job?
  • Who can aid me in much better understanding my task alternatives?
  • What sort of job should I pursue?

Our courses for secondary school as well as tertiary pupils help them get a far better understanding of themselves and also their alternatives, in addition to the devices they need to succeed on their chosen route.


Every school needs to have a strong intimidation avoidance program in place. In the fight versus bullying, Women With Wings Coaching Folkestone student health workshops are a proactive remedy to the issue. Women With Wings Coaching Folkestone campaigns seek to stop harassing while additionally promoting the general well-being of all youngsters by urging the following practices:

  • Possession
  • Self-awareness
  • Compassion
  • Strength.

These attributes, along with the tools, are made to assist more youthful pupils in replying to bullying in a sensible fashion.

Details on Women With Wings Coaching Folkestone well-being and also anti-bullying efforts

Based upon favorable psychology principles, our educational program guides students through a typical day in the life of a child who is similar to them, stressing both positive and also adverse circumstances and also expressing the sensations of all people entailed. Students are given with a common language through making use of the concept of “How Complete is Your Bucket” (established by Tom Rath as well as Mary Reckmeyer), which might be utilized by personnel and also parents in everyday interactions. By using the metaphor of a bucket, we might more effectively share our weak points as well as the demand for positive inspiration and assistance so that we can all add at our highest degree.

Throughout our interactive session, kids gain prizes, recognition, and also appreciation for adding to the health of others and also, consequently, filling their own well-being buckets via great acts, empathy, exceptional practices, and also taking into consideration the requirements of others around them. They will certainly have the opportunity to witness and comprehend the adverse impacts of intimidation, negativity, and also unsafe words and acts on others and on themselves.

We discuss real-life situations that children encounter, such as a new child starting at institution, various other kids not involving you in their game, and not obtaining an incentive for something you did well.


Amongst the styles covered in our trainee management programs for elementary as well as senior high school students are: favorable leadership qualities, making it possible for women to lead, peer mentorship programmes, as well as much more.

Students’ ability to establish personal and public leadership capacities is crucial in assisting them in attaining their objectives of:

  • confidence,
  • management capabilities as well as abilities
  • Ability to take duty for and also much better their very own lives as well as the lives of others

Primary school and high school youngsters can gain from our management programs, which show them to acknowledge, evaluate, as well as reflect on their own and other individuals’s activities, as well as the influence those activities have on others.
These capacities help trainees in their transition into postsecondary education as well as the occupation.

Our pupil leadership programs might be delivered in a variety of formats, consisting of individual coaching, little or huge teams, depending upon your demand.