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Career Planning Programme For You

Our Career Plan Programme will provide you:

* Clarity and a vision
* An in-depth plan
* Take control of your profession
* Build your career in such a way that’s satisfying for you.

Appropriate whatever phase you are in your career.

Likewise for those thinking of moving their skills to another sector, or emigrating and requiring to think more tactically about how they prepare to make the leap in their careers.


Your Future Is In Your Hands

You may not have needed career planning strategy in the past but in today's highly competitive world, we need to change our approach.

If you feel trapped - or less opportunities are coming you way - Women With Wings Coaching can change this today!

For many female professionals, unless they drive their own professional progression, the opportunities that come are not always easily identifiable or fruitful.

Our coaches have years of experience to find clarity, direction & success.
What Is Career Coaching -
What Can It Offer You?
A New Career & Better Pay

It is feasible to gain a brand-new point of view on your career, as well as access to a wide variety of tools and also techniques that can help you in accomplishing your objectives.

If you’re unclear about your future personal direction, we can help

Career training is the beginning of an exciting journey, where you will learn to improve your personal and professional skills to land the job you have always wanted.

Speak to our team today if you want to learn more about working with one of our expert coaches in your field and what to expect.

Get the career and wage you deserve – we can bridge that equality gap.

Better Work-Life Balance

Everybody’s interpretation of work-life consistency is distinct, and also it is affected by a variety of personal elements.

You may start to notice a change in your focus from work to various other elements of your life at some time in the future.

Ideas might be turning to personal objectives as well as concerns that you previously did not give as much interest to as your profession proceeded.

Work/life balance is important for keeping a positive emotional state despite where you remain in your life.

Life is short – get the life you deserve now. We cant wait to help you!

Improved Leadership Skills

Women With Wings Coaching can equip executives and leaders by giving customized support and advice and strategies.

Core leadership abilities like communication, self-confidence, empathy, as well as self-awareness can additionally be established with this process.

Techniques for boosting your mentoring abilities

  • Never ever have a strategy
  • Keep your ego in check.
  • Show that you can pay attention and also focus well.
  • Maintain a serene demeanour 
  • Show that you’re interested and respectful.
  • Be both helpful and confident.