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Why Coaching Workshops Work!

Women With Wings Coaching since 2009, he has been collaborating with teams and professionals to help them develop and apply a new instructions, to create a more efficient working environment, and also transform the way management groups lead their service.

The same can be done for your organization's leading talent as well as groups if you deal with us.

Our professional coaches help organisations utilize coaching to drive engagement, performance and  increased business outcomes.

Whatever phase you are at in executing training in your organisation, we 'd be delighted to speak to you.

Coaching Workshops

Do your staff members complain that they don't have adequate chances for innovation or development?

In most companies this a reoccurring issue.

Management may be concerned about setting impractical goals, if they ask staff members concerning their career goals.

When teams aren't clear on what they desire it's doubly challenging for managers to have reliable conversations with them.

Our Coaching Workshops allow for you to assess your teams development, implement the strategies for overcoming any weaknesses and support your strongest leaders.
What Our Coaching Workshops Offer:
Cost Effective

Women With Wings Coaching Workshops enables you to be able to upskill your team – with little downtime or comparable costs of individual training.

Our coaching workshops can be for half day, full day or over 3 days depending on what you need to achieve.

We offer on and offline workshops so you can include hybrid workers in and out of the office.

We support our workshops with development coursework and ongoing content and assets that you can access before and after the workshop.

Experienced Coaches

Our Coaching Workshops are instructed by the best coaches we have vetted and checked thoroughly.

Consequently, our mentoring is based upon one of the most updated and proven techniques that continually provide results for our clients.

One of our industry leaders with extensive coaching experience and in-depth knowledge of your sector, will design a tailormade workshop for your needs.

Contact our team today to discuss the changes you need to see.

Permanent Lasting Results

At Women With Wings Coaching – we are able to provide sustainable, duplicatable change for your department.

We are passionate that ongoing development for you and your team happens not only in but after our workshops.

You will learn to identify strengths and weaknesses and how you are able to sustain continual personal and professional development not only for yourself but that of the emerging talent within your team.

We pride ourselves on being one of the industry leaders for women in business.