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Our Mission is your Success

At Women With Wings Coaching, we recognize your difficulties as well as objectives.

Our Executive Coaching and Mentoring have considerable high-level Senior Executive experience themselves and combine the best of Executive Coaching and Mentoring to ensure your success.

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Your Future Is In Your Hands

Whether you are seeking an Executive Coach for yourself, one of your senior leaders, or managers we are able to help.

Tailormade programmes from Women With Wings means we are able to sustain a programme for your success.

Choose between online and offline coaching sessions or workshops - we are happy to be flexible for you and your team.

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Executive Coaching For You:
Mentoring Programmes

The purpose of workplace mentorship programs for your executives.

Women With Wings Coaching will use the existing knowledge, abilities, and experience of high executing staff members so we can transfer these skills to newer or less knowledgeable workers in order to progress their professions.

Mentoring is a lasting process based upon mutual participation and respect.

You can quickly upskill staff to be able to progress their abilities.

Mentoring allows for less downtime for your key executives meaning much better return on investment.

Better Work-Life Balance

Our team believe coaching is about 2 points: aiding people really feel even more completely satisfied with their work, as well as at the same time, enhancing their efficiency.

The ideal coach will assist your team to develop new skills, to be self aware and independent. 

It’s perfect for individuals too who are wanting to progress their career progression.

If you need to see change and progression in your sector call us.

If you‘d like to find out more concerning just how we can help you solve your obstacles, please get in touch to arrange a phone call with one of our specialists.

Improved Leadership Skills

Women With Wings Coaching can equip executives and leaders by giving customized support and advice and strategies.

Core leadership abilities like communication, self-confidence, empathy, as well as self-awareness can additionally be established with this process.

Techniques for boosting your mentoring abilities

  • Never ever have a strategy
  • Keep your ego in check.
  • Show that you can pay attention and also focus well.
  • Maintain a serene demeanour 
  • Show that you’re interested and respectful.
  • Be both helpful and confident.