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Inter Coaching

Women With Wings Coaching are passionate about the outcomes for all delegates.

We are delighted that coaching is becoming an important and crucial component within organisations.

Our extensive network mean we have a proven track record of being able to find the perfect placements for our delegates.

We are able to assist graduates in finding the right career path and transitioning into a new one through our coaching services.

Your Future Is In Your Hands

Intern Delegates will be trained to a high level of coaching proficiency so that they can:

* Plan occupational Trajectory
* Build Their Own Personal Brand
* Your Objective
* Self Confidence & Career Path
* Return Of Investment

Our clients have gained not only confidence but a clear career path, how to attain the progression they wish and buildable skills going forward from education.
Why Choose Women With Wings Coaching?
What We Offer Interns

For recent college grads, finding a high paying first job isn’t their only goal.

It is also part of the mission of Women With Wings Coaching to find ways to use the skills, knowledge, and experiences they gained in college to create real value in their professional lives.

Our programmes allow graduates to enter the workforce with a personal roadmap for success in mind.

Return On Investment

Women With Wings Coaching have a proven, trusted track record of assisting interns.

With a breadth of knowledge and experience – our proven programmes of success mean that you are able to secure not only rewarding but high paying success placements –  with room for progression.

If you feel you need direction after your degree – contact our coaches who can offer a free assessment on how they can assist.

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For Individuals – 

1-2-1 coaching for each individual. You will have access to on and offline coaching sessions to form your personal brand and career trajectory.

For Colleges & Universities – 

We offer workshops for career development we are passionate at helping graduates to reach their full potential – call us today!