Providing occupation help as well as coaching to people and groups ranging from school age to adulthood is something that Transforming Point Consulting is fluent in. Subsequently, we are able to provide your trainees with a full profession coaching service customized to their details needs. Dealing with pupils in senior high school, tertiary, and also expert setups, we supply personalised programmes to fulfill the requirements of your college’s belief, cultural background, as well as trainee population density.

To increase learning and also encourage good prep work for your pupils’ transition into the next phase of their lives, we mix elements of well-being, leadership, as well as social skills growth. Via our partnership with independent, faith-based, as well as public school systems, we recognise that every institution and also its attendees should have a program that will certainly help them in creating skills, acquiring new knowledge, and also having the chance to ask concerns with application and preparation.

The following are some instances of regular programmes offered as college prep work, transition programs, and occupation days for high school trainees in qualities 9 to 12 as well as tertiary students.


Primary school children registered in Women With Wings Coaching Mendip special education programs are motivated to examine individually, to be self-aware as well as to be resistant. Transforming Point Consulting offers a variety of learning techniques to satisfy various learning styles, including:

  • Consultations tailored to your demands
  • Workshops that are interactive
  • Presentations in teams


High school students have high expectations of understanding as well as being gotten ready for an expert path in the twenty-first century. Women With Wings Coaching Mendip Cutting-edge instructional programmes for pupils recognise and meet these expectations. Throughout this duration, students regularly ask the complying with questions:

  • What requirements should I make use of while selecting topics for my future task?
  • Who can aid me in better understanding my task choices?
  • What sort of task should I pursue?

Our courses for high school and also tertiary trainees help them get a much better awareness of themselves and their choices, along with the devices they require to be successful on their picked path.


Every college ought to have a solid bullying avoidance programme in position. In the fight versus bullying, Women With Wings Coaching Mendip trainee health seminars are a positive remedy to the problem. Women With Wings Coaching Mendip initiatives look for to prevent harassing while likewise advertising the general well-being of all youngsters by encouraging the adhering to behaviors:

  • Possession
  • Self-awareness
  • Empathy
  • Strength.

These qualities, together with the devices, are designed to assist younger students in responding to harassing in a reasonable way.

Info on Women With Wings Coaching Mendip health and also anti-bullying efforts

Based on positive psychology principles, our educational program overviews students via a common day in the life of a child that is similar to them, emphasizing both favorable as well as adverse scenarios as well as expressing the feelings of all individuals involved. Trainees are provided with a typical language through using the idea of “Just how Complete is Your Bucket” (created by Tom Rath and also Mary Reckmeyer), which may be made use of by team and parents in daily interactions. By utilizing the metaphor of a container, we might better share our weak points and also the need for positive support and also assistance to make sure that we can all add at our highest degree.

During our interactive session, children earn prizes, acknowledgment, as well as praise for adding to the wellness of others and, subsequently, loading their very own wellbeing containers using great acts, concern, outstanding practices, and also thinking about the needs of others around them. They will have the opportunity to witness and also comprehend the negative results of bullying, negativity, and hazardous words and acts upon others and on themselves.

We talk about real-life situations that kids come across, such as a new child starting at college, other youngsters not involving you in their video game, as well as not receiving a reward for something you did well.


Among the themes covered in our pupil management programs for primary and also senior high school pupils are: positive leadership qualities, making it possible for women to lead, peer mentorship programs, and more.

Pupils’ ability to establish individual and public management abilities is critical in assisting them in accomplishing their objectives of:

  • positive self-image,
  • leadership abilities as well as capabilities
  • Capacity to take obligation for and better their very own lives in addition to the lives of others

Primary school and also senior high school kids can take advantage of our leadership programs, which show them to recognise, review, as well as review their very own as well as other people’s actions, as well as the influence those actions have on others.
These capacities help pupils in their change into postsecondary education and the occupation.

Our pupil management programmes may be delivered in a range of formats, consisting of specific coaching, small or large groups, depending upon your requirement.