Offering profession support and also training to individuals as well as groups ranging from school-age child to adulthood is something that Transforming Factor Consulting is skilled in. As a result, we are able to provide your students with a complete occupation coaching solution tailored to their particular requirements. Collaborating with pupils in high school, tertiary, as well as expert settings, we supply specialised programs to meet the needs of your school’s faith, social background, and trainee population density.

To maximise understanding and encourage great prep work for your trainees’ change into the following phase of their lives, we blend parts of well-being, leadership, and social abilities development. Via our partnership with independent, faith-based, and public college systems, we recognise that every institution as well as its participants are entitled to a program that will certainly help them in creating skills, obtaining new knowledge, and also having the chance to ask questions via application as well as preparation.

The following are some instances of frequent programs supplied as university preparation, shift programs, and career days for secondary school pupils in qualities 9 to 12 along with tertiary students.


Primary school kids registered in Women With Wings Coaching Aylesbury special education programs are motivated to examine individually, to be independent and also to be resistant. Turning Point Consulting supplies a selection of learning techniques to satisfy various understanding styles, consisting of:

  • Examinations customized to your requirements
  • Workshops that are interactive
  • Presentations in groups


Senior high school students have high expectations of understanding and also being prepared for a specialist path in the 21st century. Women With Wings Coaching Aylesbury Ingenious educational programmes for students acknowledge as well as satisfy these expectations. During this period, students frequently ask the complying with concerns:

  • What standards should I use while selecting subjects for my future task?
  • That can assist me in better understanding my job choices?
  • What sort of job should I go after?

Our classes for high school as well as tertiary students help them get a much better awareness of themselves as well as their alternatives, in addition to the tools they need to do well on their picked path.


Every school must have a strong intimidation avoidance program in position. In the fight versus intimidation, Women With Wings Coaching Aylesbury pupil health workshops are an aggressive service to the problem. Women With Wings Coaching Aylesbury initiatives look for to avoid harassing while also promoting the overall health of all children by motivating the adhering to behaviours:

  • Ownership
  • Self-awareness
  • Empathy
  • Resilience.

These attributes, together with the tools, are designed to help younger pupils in responding to harassing in a reasonable manner.

Details on Women With Wings Coaching Aylesbury wellness and anti-bullying efforts

Based upon positive psychology principles, our curriculum guides trainees with a common day in the life of a kid that is similar to them, worrying both favorable and also adverse scenarios and articulating the feelings of all people involved. Trainees are given with a typical language with using the notion of “Exactly how Full is Your Bucket” (developed by Tom Rath and also Mary Reckmeyer), which may be used by team and parents in everyday communications. By utilizing the metaphor of a container, we might better communicate our weaknesses and also the need for favorable support as well as support to ensure that we can all add at our highest level.

Throughout our interactive session, youngsters gain rewards, recognition, and also appreciation for adding to the health of others and, subsequently, filling their own wellbeing buckets using great acts, empathy, superb practices, and also taking into consideration the requirements of others around them. They will have the opportunity to witness as well as comprehend the unfavorable effects of intimidation, negative thoughts, as well as harmful words and acts upon others and on themselves.

We speak about real-life scenarios that children come across, such as a new child beginning at college, other youngsters not involving you in their video game, and not getting a benefit for something you did well.


Amongst the themes covered in our student management programs for primary as well as high school pupils are: favorable leadership high qualities, enabling ladies to lead, peer mentorship programmes, and a lot more.

Students’ capacity to develop personal as well as public leadership capacities is essential in assisting them in accomplishing their goals of:

  • self-confidence,
  • leadership abilities and abilities
  • Capacity to take obligation for and also much better their very own lives in addition to the lives of others

Primary school and also senior high school children can benefit from our management programs, which teach them to identify, assess, as well as reflect on their very own as well as other people’s activities, in addition to the influence those activities have on others.
These capacities aid pupils in their transition right into postsecondary education as well as the career.

Our student leadership programs might be supplied in a selection of layouts, consisting of specific mentoring, little or large groups, relying on your requirement.