Giving profession aid as well as training to people and also groups varying from school age to the adult years is something that Transforming Point Consulting is fluent in. Subsequently, we have the ability to offer your students with a complete occupation coaching solution customized to their particular demands. Working with students in senior high school, tertiary, as well as specialist settings, we offer customised programs to meet the demands of your school’s confidence, social background, as well as trainee population density.

To increase learning and also encourage good prep work for your pupils’ shift right into the following stage of their lives, we blend components of health, management, and also social abilities development. Via our collaboration with independent, faith-based, as well as public school systems, we identify that every institution as well as its attendees are entitled to a program that will help them in developing skills, obtaining brand-new expertise, and having the chance to ask concerns via application and also preparation.

The following are some examples of regular programmes supplied as university preparation, change programs, and also job days for high school students in grades 9 to 12 in addition to tertiary pupils.


Primary school kids enlisted in Women With Wings Coaching Basildon special education programs are urged to study independently, to be independent and also to be resilient. Turning Point Consulting supplies a selection of finding out approaches to satisfy various understanding styles, including:

  • Appointments tailored to your requirements
  • Workshops that are interactive
  • Discussions in teams


Secondary school trainees have high expectations of understanding and also being planned for a professional course in the twenty-first century. Women With Wings Coaching Basildon Ingenious academic programs for students identify as well as fulfill these expectations. During this period, pupils often ask the following questions:

  • What criteria should I make use of while selecting subjects for my future work?
  • Who can help me in far better understanding my work options?
  • What type of task should I go after?

Our classes for high school and also tertiary students help them get a better recognition of themselves and also their options, in addition to the tools they need to do well on their picked course.


Every institution needs to have a strong intimidation avoidance programme in place. In the battle against bullying, Women With Wings Coaching Basildon trainee wellness workshops are a proactive service to the issue. Women With Wings Coaching Basildon initiatives look for to prevent harassing while likewise promoting the overall wellness of all youngsters by motivating the following behaviours:

  • Possession
  • Self-awareness
  • Empathy
  • Durability.

These qualities, along with the tools, are developed to help younger pupils in reacting to bullying in a sensible manner.

Info on Women With Wings Coaching Basildon health and also anti-bullying efforts

Based on favorable psychology principles, our educational program guides pupils with a regular day in the life of a youngster that is similar to them, worrying both positive and also negative situations as well as articulating the feelings of all individuals included. Pupils are offered with a common language with making use of the notion of “Exactly how Full is Your Container” (developed by Tom Rath as well as Mary Reckmeyer), which may be utilized by staff and also parents in day-to-day interactions. By using the metaphor of a pail, we might more effectively convey our weak points as well as the requirement for positive support as well as support so that we can all add at our highest level.

During our interactive session, youngsters earn prizes, recognition, as well as appreciation for contributing to the well-being of others and, subsequently, loading their very own health and wellbeing pails by means of great acts, empathy, superb practices, and thinking about the demands of others around them. They will certainly have the chance to witness as well as understand the unfavorable effects of intimidation, negativeness, as well as unsafe words and acts upon others and on themselves.

We speak about real-life situations that youngsters come across, such as a new child starting at institution, various other kids not involving you in their video game, and also not obtaining a reward for something you succeeded.


Among the themes covered in our student leadership programs for primary as well as high school trainees are: favorable leadership top qualities, allowing ladies to lead, peer mentorship programs, and also extra.

Students’ capability to create individual as well as public leadership capabilities is essential in helping them in accomplishing their objectives of:

  • self-esteem,
  • leadership capacities and abilities
  • Capability to take duty for and better their very own lives along with the lives of others

Primary school and secondary school kids can gain from our management programs, which teach them to identify, assess, as well as reflect on their own as well as other people’s actions, in addition to the impact those activities carry others.
These capacities help students in their shift right into postsecondary education and learning and also the profession.

Our student management programmes may be supplied in a range of layouts, consisting of private coaching, small or large teams, depending on your need.