Supplying career assistance and mentoring to people as well as groups varying from school-age child to the adult years is something that Transforming Factor Consulting is fluent in. Consequently, we have the ability to give your students with a full career training service tailored to their certain needs. Collaborating with students in secondary school, tertiary, as well as professional setups, we supply customised programmes to satisfy the requirements of your college’s belief, cultural background, and student population analysis.

To maximise discovering and motivate great prep work for your students’ change into the next phase of their lives, we mix elements of well-being, management, as well as social abilities development. Via our collaboration with independent, faith-based, as well as public college systems, we acknowledge that every school and its guests deserve a program that will assist them in establishing abilities, getting new understanding, and also having the chance to ask questions with application and also preparation.

The complying with are some instances of constant programs given as university prep work, shift programs, and occupation days for senior high school trainees in grades 9 to 12 in addition to tertiary pupils.


Primary school youngsters registered in Women With Wings Coaching Battersea special education programmes are motivated to examine individually, to be independent as well as to be resistant. Transforming Point Consulting offers a variety of discovering methods to meet different discovering designs, consisting of:

  • Appointments customized to your demands
  • Workshops that are interactive
  • Presentations in teams


Secondary school students have high assumptions of knowing and being gotten ready for a professional path in the twenty-first century. Women With Wings Coaching Battersea Innovative academic programmes for students recognise as well as satisfy these assumptions. During this duration, pupils frequently ask the complying with concerns:

  • What requirements should I use while selecting topics for my future work?
  • Who can help me in much better understanding my work alternatives?
  • What kind of task should I pursue?

Our courses for secondary school and also tertiary trainees help them obtain a far better recognition of themselves as well as their options, as well as the devices they need to be successful on their selected course.


Every school must have a solid intimidation avoidance program in position. In the fight against intimidation, Women With Wings Coaching Battersea pupil wellness workshops are a positive option to the trouble. Women With Wings Coaching Battersea efforts look for to prevent harassing while additionally advertising the total health of all youngsters by encouraging the complying with behaviours:

  • Ownership
  • Self-awareness
  • Compassion
  • Strength.

These attributes, along with the devices, are designed to help more youthful students in reacting to bullying in a practical way.

Information on Women With Wings Coaching Battersea health and anti-bullying efforts

Based on positive psychology principles, our curriculum guides trainees with a typical day in the life of a kid who resembles them, emphasizing both favorable and negative scenarios and also verbalizing the sensations of all individuals included. Students are supplied with an usual language through making use of the notion of “Exactly how Complete is Your Bucket” (created by Tom Rath and also Mary Reckmeyer), which might be utilized by staff and also parents in everyday interactions. By using the allegory of a pail, we might better convey our weaknesses as well as the requirement for positive encouragement and also support to ensure that we can all add at our highest degree.

Throughout our interactive session, kids make prizes, acknowledgment, as well as praise for adding to the wellness of others and, in turn, loading their very own wellness buckets through excellent acts, concern, outstanding behavior, and taking into consideration the demands of others around them. They will certainly have the possibility to witness and also comprehend the negative effects of intimidation, negativity, and hazardous words and acts upon others and on themselves.

We discuss real-life circumstances that children encounter, such as a brand-new child starting at school, other youngsters not including you in their game, and also not getting a reward for something you succeeded.


Amongst the themes covered in our pupil management programs for elementary and also high school pupils are: favorable leadership qualities, enabling females to lead, peer mentorship programs, and also more.

Students’ capacity to develop personal and public management abilities is essential in assisting them in achieving their objectives of:

  • positive self-image,
  • leadership capacities and also abilities
  • Ability to take responsibility for and also better their very own lives as well as the lives of others

Primary school and also senior high school kids can take advantage of our leadership programs, which educate them to recognise, review, and review their own and also other people’s actions, in addition to the impact those actions have on others.
These abilities help students in their transition into postsecondary education as well as the occupation.

Our pupil leadership programs may be delivered in a selection of styles, including individual mentoring, little or large teams, depending on your need.